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About YSCP

The program, the first of its kind in Canada, is a collaboration between primary care providers and specialists and will establish standardized guidelines for concussion management for all health care providers across the Peterborough Networked Family Health Team.

The Youth Sports Concussion Program is being administered by Primary Health Care Services of Peterborough in partnership with physiatrist Dr. Derek Krete. Although there is no government support for this initiative, this is made possible through the efforts of our local health care practitioners, financial support from community fundraising and the efforts of the Greater Peterborough Health Services Foundation.

Clinical Advisory Panel

Dr. Bob Neville, Chair
Dr. Derek Krete
Dr. Brendan Hughes
Dr. Rick Binette
Dr. Joan Himann
Dr. Jim Webster
Dr. Jonathan Mallory
Stacey Sanderson, Mental Health Clinician
Kevin Hickey, Physiotherapist



  • There is a significant negative correlation between number of concussions and time in single-leg stance and positive correlations between number of concussions and time in double-leg stance

    - Marini D, et al, Arch PM&R, 2001