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Athletic Endorsements

Mathieu Schneider, NHLPA

“The NHLPA applauds the Peterborough Youth Sports Concussion Program for the measures it is taking to ensure greater safety among young athletes – in any sport they may play. We are encouraged to see Dr. Krete and Primary Health Care of Services of Peterborough launch this program, which recognizes the seriousness of concussion injuries for those young athletes in the Peterborough area potentially affected by this injury. Just as we greatly value the safety of our NHLPA members, it is a positive when steps are being taken to better protect athletes through the diagnosis and care of concussions.” – Mathieu Schneider, NHLPA Special Assistant to the Executive Director, and former NHL player

Barbara Mervin

“As a National Rugby Player I have witnessed many teammates suffer from mild to life-altering concussions.  I believe that an organization such as the Youth Sports Concussion Program is essential to educate parents, coaches and athletes and create a safer playing environment for Peterborough’s youth. The only thing worse then enduring a severe concussion is being concussed and not having a credible or understanding support system to help you overcome it.”- Barbara Mervin

Dan Carey

“Being a professional lacrosse player I am well aware that concussions have always been prevalent in sports.  It is my hope that the Youth Sports Concussion Program in Peterborough can educate coaches, parents, and players about the seriousness of head injuries.  We are very fortunate to have this program available to the children in our community.” Dan Carey

Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr Althetic Endorsement

“Congratulations to everyone involved with the Youth Sports Concussion Program.  Any undertaking which draws attention to and helps us understand more about concussion related issues is certainly a worthy cause.  Allow me to wish Dr. Krete and all of his associates continued success as they move forward in their research related to the broad area of concussions.” – Bobby Orr

Dan O’Toole

Dan O'Toole Althletic Endorsments

It is so important that we take concussions seriously and that athletes are pulled from play upon a head injury. Athletes at all levels and in every single sport can suffer from concussions, helmet or not. As a sports broadcaster I have seen a number of players careers ended due to concussions like Eric Lindros (NHL), Paul Kariya (NHL), Cory Koskie (MLB), Katrina Majewski (Field Hockey), Matt Dunnigan (CFL), Steve Young (NFL), Elton Flatley (Rugby) and of course Muhammed Ali (Boxing) and Chuck Liddell (UFC). Other athletes have had to take significant time off before they were well enough to get back into their sports such as Lindsay Vonn (Skiier), Paul Scholes (Soccer), Aaron Hill (MLB) and probably one of the most famous in recent times, Sidney Crosby (NHL).

Our young athletes are irreplaceable and to be able to have the Youth Sports Concussion Program for our community is an amazing thing. These young athletes will benefit not only from the same baseline testing pre-season that professional athletes receive, but they will have the expertise of our health care providers to properly treat them when they are injured and ensure that they don’t go back in the game until they are well enough to return to play. Some of these young people will be the professional athletes of tomorrow, and the rest will go on to have success in a number of professions, but none of those opportunities will be available to them if they suffer serious injuries from concussions and go back into the game too soon. Our brain is the most important thing we all possess, we wouldn’t send our kids back into the game with a broken leg, so why send them back in with a brain injury and risk not only their athletic careers, but their entire futures. – Dan O’Toole, Broadcaster, SportsCentre, TSN

Greg Knox

Greg Knox Althetic Endorsement

As a football player, coach, and parent I am well aware of all of the risks and dangers of a concussion.  I know first hand that concussions are an extremely serious injury and have the power to not only affect your career but also your entire life. It is so critical that young athletes take the time to fully recover from a concussion, just like any other injury, before they return to the game.  The  Youth Sports Concussion program is an excellent tool to help  Peterborough area healthcare professionals assess and treat serious injury. – Greg Knox, former CFL player

    The sports with the highest risk of concussion in high school for boys is football and for girls is soccer

    Concussions represent an estimated 8.9% of all high school athletic injuries - Gessel LM, et al, J Athl Train 2007