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Behind The Scenes

We fund innovative programs & life-saving equipment to support the good work of your family health team.

Who We Are

The Greater Peterborough Health Services Foundation (formerly St. Joseph’s Care Foundation) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to improving primary health care services in the City and County of Peterborough by supporting our local medical community.

We are proud to carry on the enduring legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph, who first inspired the formation of this organization.

What We Do

We may quietly go about our business, however, our actions reach deep into the Peterborough community.  We respond to our community’s needs by raising funds for essential equipment, education, and research, while promoting healthier living for all.

The Foundation is a strong proponent of innovation, prevention, and, above all, compassionate, cooperative action.

Your support of the Greater Peterborough Health Services Foundation is an investment in your own health care.  You are taking a significant step toward ensuring you receive the best possible high quality health care from your local team of primary health care providers.

Who We Support

We support the 5 local Peterborough Family Health team and its 5 Family Health Organizations in the City and County of Peterborough.

These 5 Family Health Organizations (FHOs) include the: Chemong FHO, Greater Peterborough FHO, Medical Centre FHO, Peterborough Clinic FHO, and the Peterborough Community FHO.

A team approach is useful, especially when patients have complex needs.  When a Family Health Organization includes a number of experts, it broadens the scope of health care available to support each patient.

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