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Concussions in the News

Concussions: the untold story

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The Lystedt Law

  • Washington State’s concussion law was signed by Gov. Christine Gregoire and became effective in July 2009. The main provisions apply to school districts and athletic leagues who utilize school district property:
  • Removal of any athlete suspected of having a concussion from practice/game (under age 18)
  • Athletes cannot return to practice/game until evaluated by a licensed physician trained in the diagnosis and management of concussions and given written medical authorization
  • Parents and athletes are required to sign a concussion information sheet
  • As of Spring 2010  – Oregon, Oklahoma, Virginia, New Mexico, Connecticut, and Rhode Island have passed similar legislation and several states are following

    Athletes who have reported 3 or more concussions demonstrate a 5 fold greater prevalence of cognitive impairment and a 3 fold greater prevalence of memory impairment

    - McKee AC, et al, J Neuropathol Exp Neurol 2009